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South Africa

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CASH PAID for old Silver Coins. I buy ALL SILVER COINS regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin.
Guide to selling your South African Silver Coins - HERE!
I also buy old Silver cutlery, spoons, forks and knives (any condition) - All old, broken, or unused silver. So even if it's not in one piece it doesn't
matter, it is still worth money.


You will find coins on the site which may have numismatic value to collectors (willing buyer - willing seller). Placing these coins on auction sites would probably realize a higher premium, remember you will have to pay commission, shipping and insurance costs.

Transactions are done by appointment only. Please contact Michael by email for more info. If possible please attach inventory of your coins: Country of origin - Date - Denomination - Image and items for sale.

I look forward to meeting you, be assured of discreet, professional and safe service.

Contact Michael - Gordon's Bay - 083 5910 102 - email

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For used circulated coins

RAND COINS FROM 1961.. - UNION COINS 1923 - 1960 - ZAR COINS 1892 - 1902

Guide to Selling Your South African Silver Coins

The database on this site is currently being updated daily. Should you have a coin not yet listed on this site, please contact TheSilverSpot for current price paid. Info: Country - Denomination - Year